ANDRA / CAMS-Style Kit Rollcages

Why choose a famous REDLINE cage?


SAVE MONEY: Fit the cage yourself, and save hundreds of $$$. (Check out our prices below!)


SAVE TIME: Each bar is notched and bent, ready to fit into position.


EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Comes complete with fitting instructions (4-point cage can be installed in only a few hours).


GUARANTEED TO FIT: We have been manufacturing rollcages in kit form since 1981, producing hundreds of cages per year for over 50 different makes and models. Supplied complete, ready to install. Each bar is cut, notched and bent to fit accurately into position, and the bars are numbered for easy identification from the components list supplied. The simple fitting instructions means no previous experience is needed - just an efficient and certified welder is all you need.


CUSTOM FIT FOR YOUR MODEL CAR: Each cage has been custom designed to snugly fit the model of car the cage is ordered for. Click here to see list of makes and models.


MANUFACTURED TO ANDRA and LOCAL SPECIFICATIONS: We use high-tensile CDW/CDS steel to meet the minimum ANDRA or local specifications. This ensures you have the lightest and strongest cage possible.


When complete, get your local technical adviser to certify the cage.


* PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in the CAMS specifications regarding minimum OD tube sizes, we can NO LONGER GUARANTEE that the bends in our cages meet CAMS specifications 100 percent.


PACKED IN EASY TO HANDLE BUNDLES: Each cage is packed into bundles, which can be easily handled by one person.


SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE: Replace damaged barwork with genuine REDLINE replacement parts. This solves the problem and frustrations of damage repairs. 

Assembled 4-Point Kit ANDRA/CAMS-style cage

Assembled 4-Point Kit ANDRA/CAMS-style cage


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